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Medical Center of Louisiana at New Orleans Thanks Thought Field Therapists

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Dr. Sakai,

The Medical Center of Louisiana at New Orleans would like to extend our sincere thanks to you and the Association of Thought Field Therapists for the kind gesture of coming as a volunteer to New Orleans with the team of therapists to assist our staff.

As you know, our staff have been through (and continue to experience) a significant amount of primary and secondary trauma. We have offered staff many different interventions, such as cognitive therapy through group decompression sessions with psychiatrists and with a faith-based organization. The TFT presentation and therapy was received extremely well by staff and the high attendance (87 people) and the overwhelmingly positive response to the therapy was a welcome and delightful surprise for us all.

We welcome the TFT members to return any time, and look forward to future inservices and therapy sessions with our staff in the future as the road ahead is long, and the future of our hospital and our city remains uncertain.

In gratitude for your kindness,
Dwayne Thomas, MD
Chief Executive Officer

Ecoee Rooney, RN, MSN
Inservice Instructor