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Thank You and Dr. Callahan for a Wonderful Tool to Improve the Quality of Life

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This has been a difficult case. In fact the 4 or 5 cases that I have sent you have been very difficult and have not responded to traditional medical treatment. Thank you for being available to help them with TFT. This is the kind of response we need to get to the medical community. I would like for you to give me a summary of theses cases with regards to their response to TFT. When I give my lectures, I will include these cases when I discuss the role of TFT. When a doctor presents difficult cases to manage and shares the fantastic response with TFT, curiosity about this modality will be stimulated.

Again I want to thank you and Dr. Callahan for a wonderful tool to improve the quality of life for so many of my patients suffering with chronic diseases. For the few days that I have been using TFT, I have been getting some surprising results. I don’t need any double blind placebo controlled study or evidence based medicine (the present buzzword) to prove the benefit of this modality. If I have been treating someone for 10 years and have him or her on multiple potent medications that should work and they are still suffering, but with one session of TFT they experience a distinct difference that’s good enough for me. As they continue to practice the technique at home and they continue to improve and I am able to decrease or eventually stop some or all of their medication, I might become an even more valuable asset to the medical community.

A believer in TFT,
Dr. James McKoy, M.D.