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I have not had the urge to bite chew or rip any skin of my fingers since TFT treatment

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Dear Caroline E. Sakai PhD TFTdx, VT,

Subject: Testimony in reference to Thought Field Therapy

For about 30 years I struggle with biting the skin around my nails. From my internet research it is called Onychophagia or compulsive nail biting any amount of stress made me chew. It got to a point where I was ashamed of showing my hands to anyone. When my hands got wet or immersed in water for long periods of time the skin appearance was something I became very aware of. I will wear band aids, gloves or just walk around with my hands in fist. At some points I will bite so much of the skin of that my fingers will bleed.

After being your patient for some time and having had many treatments of TFT for various other problems I decided to talk to you about this problem. We had one treatment for it. I have not had the urge to bite chew or rip any skin of my fingers since. Even if I put my fingers near my mouth I do not feel like doing any of what would have been normal for me.

I still experience stress in my life and even under the most pressure I still don’t revert back to the behavior.

I will like to thank you for your assistance in helping me overcome this problem.

Best regards,
(Male, 30’s, 9 months post Tx)

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